About Us

Visceral Art started when two best friends in 2011 submitted a video to their High School talent show. We almost got expelled for said video. We were hooked on telling stories that grabbed peoples attention. In 2016 we offically filed as a business and created [visceral art]. 

Our Team

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Master of Editing & Directing

Storytelling and making people laugh is my reason purpose. Creating visual content came to me and I have been pursuing it ever since. I believe that if when you find your purpose, you just let the river of life carry you. When I do video that river carries me gently downstream.

alexh - 1x1 - 450px


Master of Lighting & Composition

I've always had a creative pull towards high fashion and cinematic film. I've focused on recreating these styles through lighting and composition. Each project I treat as unique and curate and tailor the styling on the story we are telling.